While the sun provides us with the best light we can get during the daytime so we do not have to rely on artificial light sources all the time, we cannot hide from the fact the most powerful light in the solar system also emits harmful rays that can be detrimental to our health in the long run. The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are known to affect our skin and body in a lot of ways from causing sunburn, discoloration, and premature aging to various levels of eye damage and even skin cancer in many cases of regularly prolonged exposure. Although we can always take steps to protect ourselves from being exposed too much with the use of protective gears, apparels and sunblocks, there are times of the day when we can still be exposed and unprepared, and sometimes without us even noticing that we have been exposed long enough already, like when staying indoors or inside vehicles where we are sat close to clear windows that do not provide sufficient shield against the sun's harmful rays.


In many homes and vehicles today, solar shades nyc are used to help counter these effects and protect users from UV rays while still providing the option of visibility, since a lot of sun protection materials often use opaque materials for complete coverage, which does not have to always be the case these days with the availability of better materials that can boast both design and purposeful quality. While roller shades and blackout shades are common for better control and ease of use, there are also window treatments that can be applied permanently to glasses to keep a protective layer in place at all times, which is quite useful in vehicles and house windows that can do best with a permanent treatment instead of the roller types.

In outdoor areas, motorized shades are a popular option as it allows owners to decide when to use the cover, especially for sun lovers that want a little exposure in the early hours when the sun is the least harmful. For the discriminating taste, designer shades are also available in colors and materials that can go with interior themes, although there are also options for customization that also allow completely unique designs. You may also visit and know more facts about window treatments at



Window fashions NYC can effectively block both heat and sunlight glare, but since they come in many types and materials, it will help to identify your intended use and expected level of protection, although most types have a lot of benefits to give aside from protection from the sun, because in the long term, its use can also save your interior furnishings from fading and even cut your expenditures in electricity and energy.